Thinking about hiring a Trafford Apprentice?

What is an Apprenticeship?

Why should I hire an Apprentice?

Whether start-up, large corporate or SME, many companies currently operate Apprenticeship programmes. They recognise the enormous impact that employing apprentices has on the business, both bottom line and culturally, as well as diversifying the skills and age of their workforce.

For every £1 invested in apprentices, the UK economy is boosted by £28, making them a great investment for the future of your own business as well as local commerce. They also offer the chance to build a loyal and dedicated work force, along with the opportunity to mould employees and help them rise through the ranks. And if your business is part of one of the many sectors to be suffering from a shortage of skills, apprentices can help bridge the gap and boost productivity.

What will I gain from hiring an Apprentice?

By taking on an apprentice, you are making a commitment to developing an individual who will learn the job-specific skills required within your business. In return, they’ll learn your company’s culture and begin contributing to your bottom line more and more the longer they are with you. It’s estimated that the average apprentice contributes £28 to their employer for every £1 spent on them.

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