Altrincham Public Realm Works


In August and September 2021, a consultation exercise with businesses, residents and visitors of Altrincham took place to secure feedback on the next phases of the Altrincham town centre public realm improvement plans. The consultation has helped shaped the proposals for the next phase of Altrincham public realm works which will include the following:

George Street
  • George Street will be renewed with the same materials used on Shaws Road and Cross Street. The plans feature a number of breakout and seating areas to the centre of George Street to encourage food and beverage establishments. Options include a number of trees sustainable drainage (SuDS) and green infrastructure. The works will end at the boundary of the Graftons rather than to the end of the Street to Regent Road in light of the future regeneration of the Graftons, preventing the waste of finite resources on high quality paving works etc. only for it to be ripped out when the Graftons is re-developed.
  • View the draft drawings for George Street*
Market Street
  • This involves the reversal of the existing Market Street one way system to reduce speed, numbers of vehicles and reduce the cut through / rat run that exists and takes place on New Street; along with restriction to Groby Road access from Dunham Road (access out of Groby Road to Dunham Road will still be available).
  • View the draft drawings for Market Street*
Moss Lane
  • This involves the renewal of surfacing to Moss Lane to match the same pallet of material of Cross Street and Shaws Road along with widening the footpaths and narrowing the carriageway. Vehicles will still be able to access all areas as before, however the existing cycle lane will now be segregated.
  • View the draft drawings for Moss Lane*
Regent Road
  • Regent Road will become one way from the junction of Railway Street and Market Street and will be accessed in a westerly direction towards Dunham Road. There will be a new contraflow cycle lane that is segregated and lined with ‘rain gardens’ that introduce trees, green infrastructure and SuDS to the area.
  • View the draft drawings for Regent Road*


The vast majority of responses received were positive towards the proposals. Some key comments made identified the need for more planting and trees being installed with sustainable drainage being included where possible. In response to this, the design has been amended to include a total of 30 trees within Regent Road and Market Street and including more SuDS1 areas.

Other comments made included concerns over cycling safety, particularly cycle and car conflicts. In response to this, the design has been amended to include a segregated cycle lane which will provide more protection for both vehicles and cyclists.

The other main point raised in the consultation responses was concerning the adverse impact the proposal would have on the surrounding road network. In order to assess this the interventions have been reviewed and modelled by Transport for Greater Manchester which has concluded that the impact would be negligible and the benefits of the improvement works would outweigh the negatives. Therefore, no changes have been made to the designs with regards this issue.

You can read the consultation feedback document.

Next steps

It is anticipated that the improvement works to George Street and Market Street will start in late spring/early summer with completion in late 2022.

Works to Moss Lane and Regents Road are planned to commence in early 2023 and are due for completion late 2023.

For more information, see the Altrincham Public Realm Improvement Works Decision Report: Report (

* These drawings may change in the future should any unexpected issues arise due to budget, engineering or other significant constraints.